Crowdfunding campaign STEIN

The crowdfunding campaign for our new program STEIN lasted until 18 November, and has yielded 2170 euro!

A big thanks to our Crowdfunders:

Annelies Dieudonné, Dennis Girard, Dorine Ottevanger, Edo Dijksterhuis, Oguz Büyükberber, Peter van Loon, Henk Riemersma, Marte van der Loop, Roel Noppe, Deé Seret, Leon Mommers, Dick Lucas, Bertus Pieters, Mirjam Ghijsels, Willem Minderhout, Peter Tolenaars, Paul Jeukendrup, Cora van Rijswijk, Bram & Nel van den Berg, Maarten Laupman, Corinna Vermeulen, Nico Lippe, Lily Houtkamp, Philip Peters, Jens Mølgaard, Erwin Heyl, Adri Duivesteijn,  Chris Bingham, Bas van Dam, Lawrence Stanley, F.M. Grozskopf, Arno Duivestein, Aad te Bokkel, Mark Harbers, Susanne van Balen, Sytze Hiemstra, Aad van Nieuwkerk, Elizabeth Barner, Laurens van der Wee, Maarten van de Kerkhof, Tijmetje Dieleman

What was our aim and what did we achieve?

We wanted to raise 3000 euro for a special promotion concert of STEIN for invited guests: sponsors, crowdfunders (you!), journalists, organizers, and other invited guests. It allows us to give that performance a festive spirit and, besides the usual crowd of people loving our music, attracts a broader audience, and generate interest from organizers, concert promoters and the press – resulting in many more concerts. And the crowdfunding money makes additional applications for subsidies more viable for granting.

The received donations are sufficient to pay the musicians a decent fee and to transform the venue into a festive place. The promotion concert will take place on September 10, 2015 in Studio LOOS.