Map of the Mediterranean

Map of the Mediterranean is a show of poetry and songs composed by Luc Houtkamp and Guy Harries, based on a long poem with the same name by Antoine Cassar.

POW Ensemble performers:Map of the Mediterranean 1@Adri van den Berg
Antoine Cassar, texts, narration
Tom Armitage, keyboards
Luc Houtkamp, compositions, electronics and woodwinds, project leader
Guy Harries, compositions, vocals, flute, electronics

The Maltese fish, the Italian boot, the Turkish mare… We are used to seeing shapes of countries and continents, but what about the seas that divide and connect them?

MAPA-MEDITERRANEObewerktThe Mediterranean might look like a reclined foetus, or a stork with outstretched wings.
Turn the map south-up, and it will reveal the shape of a boat. One of countless vessels which, since pre-historic times, have weaved the peoples, languages and cultures of the Mediterranean into the rich and vibrant tapestry it is today.

The programme was played on World Refugee Day, 20th June 2018 and on 21 and 22 June 2018 at Maori. It was supported by Valletta2018. An adpted version was played on 4 May 2019 at Electronic Music Malta’s Circuits festival. Bookings can still be made.Valletta 2018 - European Capital of Culture Logo