Tap Hop!

Tap Hop! is a fascinating show in which collaboration is sought with tap dancer Marije Nie.

In this show, tap dance is approached from a 21st century angle: live computer music. This way, tap dance is stripped of it’s nostalgic vaudeville character, without losing sight of the historical background of this type of dance. The music in this show is built up from sounds that closely resemble the percussive sounds created by the mere act of tapping. Thus, a world of intriguing colours of grey and black-and-white are created.

In a couple of pieces, use is made of an interactive system in which the computers are directed by the tap dancer. Further, several surreal arrangements are made of jazz classics by Fats Waller, Duke Ellington and Slim Gaillard. The unique contribution by tap dancer Marije Nie makes a direct link with the past, while the interaction with electronics places the music in the world of today. The contributions by singer Han Buhrs and funky trombone player Joseph Bowie (Defunkt) add a spicy and funky flavour.

In short, the music is characterised by improvisation, live electronics, jazz, texts, visual effects, noise, funk, energy.

Line up:

Joseph Bowie – trombone
Han Buhrs – voice
Luc Houtkamp – saxophone, computer
Marije Nie – tap dance
Tom Tlalim – computer, theremin
Micha de Kanter – sound design