Songs, Dance & Riddles

Line up:

Luc Houtkamp – computer, saxophone (artistic leader)
Han Buhrs – voice, electronics
Marije Nie – tap dance
DJ Donotask – turntables, electronics
Guy Harries – computer, voice
Micha de Kanter – sound design

This dazzling show is a melt down of rhythms, music, tap dance, soundscapes, noises, jazz tunes and love songs. The computer plays the role of mediator between all these elements, sometimes merging them together, and occasionally colliding them with each other, leading to original and often surprising combinations.

Thus, POW ensemble uses computer music as a potent artistic ambassador, capable of moving among a variety of musical traditions and crossing numerous cultural boundaries, to create music that sounds both familiar and unexpected at the same time!

This programme has been financially supported by Fonds Podiumkunsten.