In a new series of experimental concerts called POW-lab, we take the audience along in a musical discovery tour with musicians we have not yet collaborated with.

On 5 March, the phenomenal tap dancer Peter Kuit and the American singer Stephanie Pan join saxophonist and electronics player Luc Houtkamp.  They promise an exciting adventure in which they discover all corners of music, from jazz to tearjerker, from contemporay improvisations to cheesy popsongs, from ellectronic sound fields to catching tap dance.

On 16 april, the floor is to five virtuoso reed players:  David Kweksilber – Jorge Variego – Oguz Buyukberber – Luc Houtkamp – Maarten Ornstein.

Entrance: „Pay what you want”

16 April 2014, 20:00
POW – Lab 2014 Concert II, five reed players:
Oguz Buyukberber (klarinet, basklarinet)
Luc Houtkamp (saxofoons)
David Kweksilber (klarinet, basklarinet, saxofoons)
Maarten Ornstein (sopraansax, basklarinet)
Jorge Variego (klarinet, basklarinet, altsaxofoon)

Regentenkamer, Cort Heyligersstraat 4, 2518 PD Den Haag

5 March 2014, 20:00
POW – Lab 2014 Concert I
Stephanie Pan (voice, keyboard, taiko, electronics)
Luc Houtkamp (saxophones, electronics)
Peter Kuit
(tap dance)
Regentenkamer, Cort Heyligersstraat 4, 2518 PD Den Haag
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