BoX of BriX

What do a harpsichord, a saxophone, a game controller and a ukelele do together on stage?

POW Ensemble presents a lively music programme with baroque melodies, jazz fragments, and a song about a cowboy who kills a fly, filled out with improvisations and electronic music.
True crossover music, on the edge of country, baroque, contemporary and jazz music.
Music for people who like to be surprised.


Guy Harries – vocaal, fluit, computer
Luc Houtkamp – saxofoons, computer, live elektronica
Maurice Horsthuis – altviool, computer
Goska Isphording – klavecimbel, synthesizers
Jacqueline Hamelink – cello, vocaal
Lauran Jurrius– klankregie, computer

In this programme, the musicians play with a range of different modules, consisting of short pieces of music, texts, acts, interactions, and can choose on stage which module they want to play – that might be contravening other musicians’ aspirations. It is to be seen who wins with what and why.
More movies and sound: click Knitting Bernie

Dit programma is mede mogelijk gemaakt door het Fonds Podiumkunsten